The Tale of My Years

The Tale of My Years:

1988 – Began to exist. Future bride born in April.

1989 – Born to Tim and Susie in February. Cried.

1990 – Finally began to talk. Didn’t have much to say. Cried.

1991 – Stint as only child ended. Cried. Watched Mom cry when baby bro pooped on her. Laughed.

1992 – Moved to Arkansas. Didn’t cry as much. Began to read. Mom and Dad decided this meant time to take away pacifier. Cried hysterically.

1993 – Little sis born.

1994 – Arkansas won national championship in basketball. Started school at home. Drew mural of the Crucifixion on closet wall. Spanked by Mom, who subsequently took pictures.

1995 – Got basketball goal for birthday.  Became a Christian on July 2, baptized a week later.

1996 – Won 1st prize in science fair despite crying when judges came by exhibit. Started a family newspaper.

1997 – Another little bro born.

1998 – Family got Internet access.  Took it upon self to write an e-mail chewing out a lady who had unknowingly ruined family’s plans for an upcoming homeschool event. Signed the e-mail, “Sincerely, the Hobbs family.” Got in trouble.

1999 – Recommitted life to Christ at church camp.

2000 – Supervised family’s unofficial Election Day voting. Bush won. No recount necessary.

2001 – Youngest little bro born.  Watched 9/11 on TV as it unfolded. Began to earnestly call on the name of the Lord.

2002 – Played junior high basketball for the brand-new Patriots homeschool team.

2003 – Met future bride and family.

2004 – Surrendered to the ministry. Helped start a band. Called it “The Band.”

2005 – Got driver’s license. Started Christian teen mag with future bride. Got first car.

2006 – Wrecked first car. Graduated high school. Started college as rhetoric major. Didn’t know what ‘rhetoric’ meant. Got new car.

2007 – Became old enough to smoke. Didn’t smoke. Fell in love with future bride. Started making a movie. Asked parents’ blessings for courtship of future bride. They were nice. Asked future father-in-law’s permission/blessing for courtship of future bride. He was nice. Asked future bride if could court her. She was amazing. Gave her engagement ring for Christmas.

2008 – Future bride became Bride on May 23! First kiss. Etc. Lived on campus.

2009 – Bride became pregnant. Knew how it happened. Moved into new house after heroic work from FiL and BiLs to make ready. Precious boy born on October 17. Finally found out what ‘rhetoric’ means. Graduated college.

  1. lana
    22 January 2010 at 6:26 pm

    what a life, eh? I wonder what your 2010 entry will say…

  2. 25 January 2010 at 8:47 am

    Um yeah, I was wondering…what does “rhetoric” mean? 🙂 LOL

    That was funny and sweet. I think 2010 will be the best one yet. You’ll have lots to tell about your own little boy and his adventures in your household!

    In Him,
    Maiden Princess

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